The Igniter Social Performance Marketing Platform

Reach and convert social mobile consumers

At scale


Social is a lucrative direct response channel

You just need the right partner

We are not community managers. We are performance-driven advertisers who have unlocked social’s potential for driving valuable brand and business outcomes, at scale. Our approach is familiar — reach high-value audiences with compelling ads — drive them into engaging mobile experiences tuned for conversion — test, learn and optimize until you reduce acquisition costs — then scale.

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Reach, Engage & Convert

It’s not secret, but it is magic

Ridiculous Targeting

Social networks enable amazing targeting. Combined with buying expertise and iteration, it’s all about getting the right people to your front door, online and off.

Lots of the right people.

Tuned mobile experiences

Maybe you have a mobile-enabled website — most do not — but is it wired with conversion pixels, mobile remarketing, OG tags for rich cards… automatically? Are you able to create bulk experiences to meet the needs of all of your segments?

Now you can.

Conversion Optimization

When you manage your landing experiences, you unlock success. Quickly find the best segment/ad/landing combinations, tell Facebook to send more people like those taking key actions and easily remarket to those that don’t convert, for example.

Beat your current CPAs.

Success is Contagious

Get bitten by the buglogos_003

Every day, many of the world’s most innovative brands are driving deep content engagement, lead gen, email opt-in, app installs even adds tocart, mobile coupon distribution and reservations. Social performance marketing helps at every level of the marketing funnel.

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Social streams are getting richer

Your ads should too

In social, your ad and mobile conversion pages are one in-stream experience. The Igniter Platform allows you to easily create interactive, social rich media experiences and deliver them across networks and devices.


You Deserve More

Than likes, comments & shares

Whenever you have clear objectives — from deeper brand engagement through lead capture all the way to purchase — social performance marketing is your best option.  


Generate Results in Minutes

We’re not kidding

Your dedicated account team will help you get your account set-up and your campaigns running. Training takes only 30 minutes and you and your team will be on our way to a big fat raise.

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How Does ShopIgniter Stack Up?

Full solution, same price


4 Reasons to Consider ShopIgniter

Why we’re a great partner

Solely Focused on Results

All day, every day we’re focused

on scaling high-value outcomes from

social media advertising.

Ads management and landing page optimization.

It’s what we do.

The Only Social Performance Marketing Platform

Only ShopIgniter provides the tools

to optimize performance at each stage

of the social mobile customer journey.

We unlock. You unleash.

Ease and Agility

Social advertising is different and

requires the ability to iterate and

improve quickly. Coordinating teams across

strategy, media, creative, IT and insights

is a massive challenge

and we’ve never seen it done well.

Collapse the stack.

End-to-End Expertise and Tools

One dedicated platform and team

focused solely on delivering

brand and business outcomes from social.

Reduce management + accounting complexity.

Your partner in success.

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