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5 Ways to Move the Needle: What I Learned During the World Cup

ClickZ_14.7.22The World Cup had much to teach marketers about how to accelerate growth and popularity – aka how to move the needle. Read on to see what the world’s biggest sporting event can teach you.

I’m a soccer fan, always have been. I love to play and watch. I love the MLS, the Timbers, the 2013 Champion Thorns, and I’ll watch the Premier League even though I don’t follow any specific teams or players. I’m also an MLS LIVE subscriber, which means I pay to be able to watch games on my computer and mobile devices, which I do regularly, even when I’m standing in line at the supermarket. [...]

What Is “Rich Media” in a Social Mobile World?

ClickZ_14.6.24Social media is inherently “rich,” but it is more than 75 percent mobile, which presents a slew of new challenges for marketers. How can we embrace social mobile rich media in our marketing efforts?

In the early days of static websites and banner ads, digital marketers longed to not only reach key audiences but also engage them with interactive experiences. As bandwidth improved, the browser plug-in Flash became ubiquitous, and ad technology made it easy to buy, “rich media” was born. This was before video was possible at scale, and while rich media started as a small step better than animated GIFs, it quickly grew into expanding ad units that could [...]

Hermès enlists young artists for social video to reach millennials

LD_14.5.29“By shooting the scarves in a variety of scenes and worn in multiple ways, Olivia Bee is communicating the flexibility and beauty of the scarves while sharing a sense of their soft suppleness through scenes such as fluttering in the wind,” said Kelly Cooper, senior marketing manager for ShopIgniter, Portland, OR.

“The film simultaneously conveys a vintage style with modern comfort, fun, and prettiness,” she said. “This film effectively crosses boundaries capturing youthful audiences with scenes such as a model dancing on the beach, and classic audiences [...]

Organic Reach Is Temporary: 4 Big Insights Shaping 2014

ClickZ_14.5.27There have already been big changes in this first half of 2014, including an increased focus on mobile and agencies scrambling in the industry.

Well, 2014 isn’t yet half over and a lot has changed already. While I’m not surprised, it does seem like major changes with major implications are happening a lot more quickly.

I watch the digital marketing world closely and I see a few big trends emerging that I thought I’d share before they change again [...]

Ferragamo uses family-focused female campaign to launch new handbag


Italian leather goods brand Salvatore Ferragamo is highlighting its family ties with a female-focused campaign around its new Fiamma bag.

Ferragamo’s campaign, which launched May 7, includes video interviews with international mothers and daughters talking about their inherited legacies and “their role in the unfolding creation of the beauty and craft of life.” By highlighting how other families keep their heritage alive, Ferragamo will be able to also showcase its own legacy. [...]

ShopIgniter Selected As Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Partner

Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Portland, OR – May 6, 2014 –ShopIgniter, the leader in helping brands reach and convert social mobile consumers, today announced it has been selected as a partner application for Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio, the collaborative social content marketing, social engagement, publishing and analytics solution from the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. The Igniter Platform will bring social performance marketing to the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio helping marketers drive brand and business outcomes like email and lead capture, deeper social content engagement and product purchase. [...]

Cartier explores Amulette de Cartier collection with dedicated Tumblr


French jeweler Cartier expanded its social media presence with the introduction of a collection-specific Tumblr account.

Before its Tumblr was activated, Cartier’s social portfolio included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, a brand YouTube channel and a branded blog housed on a dedicated mobile application. By presenting consumers with a well-rounded social presence, Cartier will be able to reach its consumers on whichever platform they feel most comfortable. [...]

Social Is Defining the Future of Consumer CRM

DMNews_14.4.25If you’re anything like me, you’ve read more than your fair share of articles about how email puts social media marketing to shame when it comes to driving e-commerce conversions. Yet, this sentiment grossly oversimplifies the value of social media to direct marketers and fails to put it into a lens where the true value of social media can be understood and effectively applied to their daily efforts.

Email marketing and social media marketing is not an either/or proposition; rather, both are essential items in a marketer’s tool kit. [...]

Social Is the Next Great Direct Response Channel


Mobile and social are the most important user trends in our world and as such, are where the next great direct response opportunities are emerging.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “moving the needle” recently.

Even thinking about this objective is a luxury, usually left to the agencies tasked with delivering big ideas. Let me start by saying that you should never leave moving the needle to someone else. Ultimately, nothing else matters. [...]

Chloé embeds GIF imagery in email for eye catching appeal


French fashion label Chloé placed a moving image front-and-center in an email blast for its Baylee accessory collection to catch consumer attention.

To illustrate the fact that the small leather goods featured were different colors on either side, the brand used a GIF style image in which the accessories disappear and reappear in various hues. Since the imagery used in email marketing is typically still, this ad will likely stand out in consumers’ inboxes. [...]

Facebook PMD ShopIgniter announces two promotions to VP


ShopIgniter, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, announced this week the promotion of two employees to the role of Vice President. Clay Moore will move from Senior Director  of Marketing Solutions to Vice President of Marketing Solutions.

Justin Kistner will move from Senior Director of Strategy to Vice President of Strategy.

ShopIgniter CEO Matt Compton commented on the announcement in a press release: [...]

Jimmy Choo brings glamour to everyday with new collection


Footwear label Jimmy Choo is bringing playfulness and comfort to the forefront with a new collection dedicated to footwear for everyday life.

The collection, called Jimmy Choo. 08°, includes flats and boots that represent creative director Sandra Choi’s personal style. Because this collection is close to her, the brand has centered its marketing efforts on Ms. Choi. [...]

Are Your Facebook Landing Pages Working? 3 Lessons To Help Improve Your Efforts


A while back my colleague Justin Kistner shared several important statistics from the industry’s first ever Benchmark Survey of Facebook native advertising.

I’d like to expand on some of those findings and share with you a bit more detail on our analysis of post-click landing pages and the best practices that these insights imply marketers should implement. [...]

Ralph Lauren builds cohesion between runway and fragrance via film

LD_14.4.3 U.S. apparel and accessories brand Ralph Lauren is expanding its fragrance collection with addition of Midnight Romance that embodies feminine mystery.

Ralph Lauren introduced its fragrance with a narrative social video starring model Anna Selezneva who is touted as a star on the brand’s runway in the campaign’s description. By including a model who has showed Ralph Lauren’s clothing, the fragrance campaign comes full circle to show cohesion. [...]

Four Steps to Achieve High-Value Social

LonelyBrand_14.4.2Sustainably acquiring high-value customers from social marketing efforts for less cost than traditional channels is now not only possible, but a business requirement. While companies continue to spend on Facebook and other social networks, the chasm between simply dedicating resources to social advertising and true social marketing optimization provides just the space needed to truly excel and directly impact business objectives. [...]


Give Me Mobile First or Give Me Death

ClickZ_14.4.1Although it might seem obvious, as mobile ad spend continues to grow, marketers must quickly make the transition to mobile-first thinking, as it requires a new set of strategies and expertise. The consumer shift to mobile has become cliché.

I was on a call with a prospect recently, a smart guy responsible for discovering and recommending emerging media partners for his brand teams. He listens to (endures?) vendor pitches for a living and when I got to the part about being mobile-first he sort of chuckle-sighed. I stopped and asked him about his reaction. [...]

Louis Vuitton connects jewelry line to iconic trunk

LD_14.3.31French leather goods, apparel and accessories maker Louis Vuitton is expanding the reach of its display at watch and jewelry show Baselworld with a social video featuring its fine jewelry collection.

The video promotes the brand’s Emprise collection of watches and fine jewelry without showing too many of the physical pieces, instead alluding to the Parisian origins of the line. This video connects the brand’s leather goods heritage with its newest jewelry line to connect past with present. [...]

Moncler goes for high-tech over handmade with jacket microsite

LD_14.3.21French outerwear label Moncler is educating consumers on the high-tech process behind its Longue Saison coats with a dedicated microsite.

To draw consumers to the microsite, Moncler sent an email blast to subscribers showing a video still of the coat featured to hint at the content on the click-through. Craftsmanship content often focuses on the artisan techniques employed by brands, but this innovation-themed video is appropriate for the performance wear featured by Moncler. [...]

Here’s One Facebook Newsfeed Change Brands Can Actually Benefit From

BI_14.3.14A  new study from the social marketing firm ShopIgniter sheds light on a recent change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm that actually makes life on the social network easier for brands.

In recent months, much has been made of the destructive effect Facebook’s big December news feed change has had on the brands and social media marketers who use the platform to reach consumers. [...]


Facebook Brand Updates Take Another Hit, Can You Recover?


In an effort to serve the most interesting content to users, on January 21st of this year, Facebook made yet another change to its news feed algorithm.

In doing so, Facebook created separate categories and news feed rankings for status updates, differentiating between those from people and pages.

The change ranks status updates from friends higher and status updates from brand Pages lower. [...]

Loewe introduces handbag collection with vignette video series

loewes-luxurydaily“The vignettes are well done and I like the two-frame video, showing the bag in the story, really personifying the bag’s elements for the viewer,” said Kelly Cooper, marketing manager for ShopIgniter, Portland, OR.

“Moreover, Loewe is using video to illustrate the versatility of the new bags in a fun and innovative way,” she said. “The two-frame videos show the bag in each form, flat and full.For example, the child sleeping on the bag, the bags pressed between flowers and used as a flag off the stern of a boat all illustrate the flatness of the design whereas the bags [...]

We’re All Mobile Marketers Now

14.3.7Time spent on mobile, specifically on smartphones, will eclipse has eclipsed desktop/laptop use for people in the U.S. and parts of Europe. eMarketer is showing that ad spend is shifting as well and mobile will overcome desktop by 2017. They estimate that in 2014, desktop ad spend will grow .41 percent while mobile will grow 56 percent to about $15 billion.

And search and social have quickly become the best ways to reach mobile consumers at scale. Google still takes the lion’s share of mobile ad spend, but Facebook’s remarkable growth in 2013 has made them a clear leader as well. This becomes abundantly clear as 73 percent of daily Facebook users in Q4 2013 were on mobile [...]

Fendi’s 15-minute documentary explores fashion show preparation

fendi-luxurydaily“The behind-the-scenes glimpse, from interviews and fittings to shots of Fendi HQ and, of course, Karl Lagerfeld make the video very personal, and this approach works to strengthen the relationship between the brand and their fans,” said Kelly Cooper, marketing manager for ShopIgniter, Portland, OR.

“The video also brilliantly depicts the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into creating the exquisite garments,” she said. “It shows customers that when they buy Fendi, they are truly participating in something amazing [...]

The End of Microsites


Digital marketing on desktop is over, and thank goodness. As consumers have moved to mobile, brand marketers have had to adapt digital strategies at every level — from reaching and engaging to converting all the way to retaining.

It was 2004 (only 10 years ago) and I was a digital brand manager at adidas America. I sat within the broader brand marketing department and was responsible for a few sports — baseball, football, and softball — and a few major brand and product campaigns each year. It was a fantastic job for a fantastic organization. I learned a lot and met many amazing people. [...]

ShopIgniter Announces 210% Customer Growth in 2013

pressPortland, OR – February 3, 2014 – With 210 percent growth in customer accounts over year-end 2012, ShopIgniter establishes its leadership position in helping brands reach and convert social mobile consumers.  In addition to significant momentum among top national advertisers such as Nike, Comcast, Ford and Target, ShopIgniter grew its roster of digital agency customers serving global brand clients by 8x. This growth can be attributed to the combination of ShopIgniter’s social marketing acumen and technology strength which are actively helping global brands achieve proven business outcomes. [...]

ShopIgniter lands $1.5M, expands in SF and NY

business-journal-shopigniterShopIgniter has gotten a $1.5 million assist to continue building out its social advertising capabilities.

CEO Matt Compton described the raise from existing investors as relatively procedural but noted it will help the firm’s “focus on social performance marketing for huge companies and big brands.”

To help with this the company has also opened up two satellite offices. For the last nine months the firm has had a small sales office in San Francisco, which now has three people, and for the last two months there has been a one-person office in New York City. [...]

Burberry delivers faster fashion with ecommerce feature

LD_14.01.9British apparel brand Burberry is allowing consumers to purchase pieces from its fall menswear collection immediately after the runway show.

Consumers were able to “Shop the Runway” following the brand’s London Fashion Week show Jan. 8, and the collection will be available through Jan. 22. By shortening the time between collection presentation and commerce, Burberry is able to give consumers a unique experience of owning an item long before it hits store shelves. [...]

Facebook PMD ShopIgniter launches mobile conversion tracking

IFB_14.1.9ShopIgniter, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, recently developed a way to track conversions gained from a Facebook mobile ad. The company developed a landing page for mobile web that allows marketers to track conversions and actions on mobile regardless of the ad’s original goal or intent.

The mobile web landing page generates a URL tag that marketers can track to see when customers made significant actions, such as adding an item to the cart. [...]

Can Digital Finally Drive Offline Sales At Scale

ClickZ_14.1.7Sales are the lifeblood of every business; it’s important to remember that while e-commerce sales have climbed every year for over a decade, 94.6 percent of total US retail sales in Q3 2013 occurred offline.

Digital marketers have long struggled to drive offline sales. Not only has it been near impossible to track, rendering attribution futile, but how consumers shop has gotten complicated. Top thinkers have tried diligently to map the purchase journey and redefine the purchase “funnel” into more of a swirling set of orbiting planets and compulsions. [...]

The evolution of ads on Google, Facebook, and Twitter

iMedia_14.1.7Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all in the race to be the go-to platform for digital ad buying. Google is the current winner (by far) but with new advances in targeting and intent, Facebook and Twitter are closing the gap. Let’s take a look at the strides taken to earn your ad dollars and who will be the ultimate winner: [...]



Digital Ads: How Facebook, Google, And Twitter Target Us

RW_14.1.1The promise of digital media in online advertising is the ability to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all jockeying for the hearts and minds of customers and advertisers alike. But there are big differences in what they’re doing and how useful their understanding of their users may be to advertisers.

First, some background. Brands, which have long dreamed of advertising only to the people most likely to buy their products or services—and then evangelize them to others—have stampeded away from print. [...]

Paid Media Increases Facebook Organic and Viral impressions 200%

Paid Media Increases Facebook Organic and Viral impressions 200%Portland, OR – October 15, 2013 – ShopIgniter, the company that is transforming how brands advertise to social mobile consumers, announced recently the findings of a first-ever benchmark analysis of over 2,000 Facebook news feed posts from Q1 and Q2 2013 and their over 2 billion impressions and post-click performance.  Chief among the findings was that over 51 percent of campaign engagement occurred on mobile; paid media not only vastly improves reach but also increases organic and viral impressions by up to 200 percent; and richer experiences decrease negative feedback rates by up to 600 percent. [...]