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Facebook is Giving Your Data Back. Take It.

By now, we all know that organic reach on Facebook has plummeted and many social media consultants and community managers are struggling to apply last week’s strategies to this week’s realities.

The POV: Moves From Google and Yahoo Confirm The Slow Death Of Display Advertising

Google and Yahoo have been changing up their advertising offerings in some pretty big ways.

Four Steps to Achieve High-Value Social

Sustainably acquiring high-value customers from social marketing efforts for less cost than traditional channels is now not only possible, but a business requirement. While companies continue to spend on Facebook and other social networks, the chasm between simply dedicating resources to social advertising and true social marketing optimization provides just the space needed to […]

The POV: Who’ll Make Marketing Tech’s Big Dance?

In the spirit of good fun that the annual NCAA college tourney brings, I thought it would be fun to engage in some bracket-calling that’s a little closer to home.  So, I sat down with Matt Compton, marketing technology expert and ShopIgniter CEO, to get his thoughts on who’s leading at social media marketing, who […]

Give Me Mobile-First or Give Me Death

Although it might seem obvious, as mobile ad spend continues to grow, marketers must quickly make the transition to mobile-first thinking, as it requires a new set of strategies and expertise.

The POV: Why is innovation so important for startups?

Continuous innovation is essential for any startup but how do you balance innovation with customer demand? ShopIgniter CEO, Matt Compton, shares his thoughts.