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Disney Meets Buzzfeed at Oh My Disney

The folks at Disney are no dummies.  They may be Dumbos and a little Goofy…but you don’t build a $20 billion brand without making some smart moves.

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Black Suit

Content + Context Are the New Black

Originally published in ClickZ Content: even the word is complicated for marketers. “Published information”? Sure. A “state of being”? That’s sweet. The “highest common factor of a polynomial’s coefficient”? Definitely not. And lastly, from the never dull and often NSFW Urban Dictionary: “Buzzword popular in the Internet boom of 1999 that includes everything that takes [...]

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Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together – Customer Service + Social Marketing

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Our Favorite Posts That Take-On Predicting Marketing Trends in 2013

We’ve been keeping an eye on what industry experts are saying about digital marketing in 2013 and the results shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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6 Tips for Effective Social Merchandising

Originally published in ClickZ

By now, most digital and social teams have their process largely figured out when it comes to social media marketing to support their brand:

Post interesting content Sponsor to increase reach Measure and repeat
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Social is the best way to reach mobile customers

I’ve been thinking about the convergence of social + mobile recently and I had a mini revelation.

For marketers, reaching mobile customers can be a challenge. Search and email work but mobile-specific strategies likely won’t move the needle much. Especially if you’re already doing a good job. Mobile banners, sorry iAd, are fine but with such limited screen real estate they tend to be even more annoying than on the Web. Marketers can build apps, and for many it’s a great idea, but getting people to discover and use your app can be an ongoing challenge that requires a new set of expertise and tools. And lastly, for the sake of argument, making your core websites (eCom included) mobile-optimized is required and is not seen as a “marketing effort” per se.

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Dictionary Series - Religion: evolution

2013: The Year of Social Merchandising

Originally published in ClickZ

As social media has evolved as a channel, brands and retailers have come to use it to connect with their customers in a wide variety of ways. As a result, what used to be considered a single category of activities – “social media” – has become much more specialized according to how a brand is putting social to work to drive a particular aspect of the business.

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