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Digital Advertising vs. Print

Keeping The Promise Of Digital Media

Originally published in Adotas

The promise of digital media is the ability to reach the right people with the right content at the right time. Looking at the decline of print advertising as just one example, the days of “spray and pray” are in deep decline. As brands favor the ability to deeply target audiences more highly attuned to their message and more likely to become future brand ambassadors, they are pulling away from print in droves.

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Giant Facebook Link Post

4 Ways Facebook’s New Ad Formats Will Affect Marketers

Facebook recently announced changes to their ad formats, making many marketers happy. Ok, it made this marketer pretty darn happy.

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These Facebook Stats Will Make You a Social Advertising Hero

Originally published in SocialFresh

If you’ve been marketing to the Facebook ecosystem for any amount of time, you know how quickly things change.

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American Airlines Facebook Timeline

Flying High

Airlines aren’t great at lots of stuff.  Airline food?  Not great.  Getting you to Newark on time?  Not great.  Mergers?  Ask American Airlines and US Airways.  Social marketing?  Pretty great, actually.

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mobile news feed

Success in the Mobile News Feed

We’ve had a lot of questions about the future of rich media in mobile. Rich media on mobile, powered by HTML 5 pages not Flash, are optimized for a take over experience within our native mobile apps. Here are some compelling results:

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Graph Search logo

How To Be More Successful With Facebook Graph Search

Originally published on TheMail

Hashtags have long been used by social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram to categorize tweets and posts, helping them show up more easily in searches. With the introduction of hashtags to the Facebook network, marketers should be prepared to begin seeing hashtags in posts, and available in graph search.

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Facebook Improves Rich Media
in the News Feed

Featured on Inside Facebook.

Facebook will announce on September 30th, 2013 that they are no longer supporting custom Adobe Flash experiences directly in the desktop news feed (but, for example, YouTube and Vimeo players will remain) and will focus on optimizing for mobile rich media. This is great news

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Facebook Launches Embedded Posts

Yesterday Facebook *launched an embedded post plugin which will allow people to embed public Facebook posts on a website or blog. Here is a snippet from the official description on the Facebook developer blog,

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Facebook vs. Google vs. Twitter

Who Is The Big Winner In Digital Advertising?

Originally published in MediaPost

Google, Facebook and Twitter are in a battle to win your ad dollars. The battle ground: a dizzying array of new targeting tools. While this means that targeting options have never been richer, it also makes the pairing of content and context that much more important. In digital, the context can be the content itself, or the “environment” that surrounds it — conversations about that content.  

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Facebook audiences

HOW TO – Use Facebook Targeting To Maximize Your Ad Spend ROI

As a young woman in my late twenties. I’m loath to think that I will join one of the most targeted consumer groups in the world – “the expecting mom”. I’m not excited about every household, baby, and family product being thrown at me every time I open up Facebook to comment on the meme du jour.

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