Matt Compton

Chief Executive Officer

Matt oversees the company’s strategy, manages operations and continually seeks social commerce innovation for ShopIgniter customers. Prior to ShopIgniter, Matt was a venture partner at Madrona Venture Group. Prior to Madrona, Matt spent several years at Yahoo most recently as VP Media and Strategic Partnerships. He previously ran product and marketing for Music and headed up sales and marketing for the Business Services division, which included Yahoo Store. Prior to joining Yahoo, Matt was CEO and co-founder of uShock, a local portal company. Matt has a BA degree, cum laude, in Economics and International Relations from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA with distinguished service honors from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He is on the non-profit board of the Access Fund and enjoys being active in the outdoors with his wife and two children: skiing, climbing, and cycling (regardless of weather) across the Pacific Northwest.

Twitter IPO

Why aren’t marketers talking about the Twitter IPO?

Originally published in GigaOM

I’ve noticed an eerie silence in the digital marketing community. Very few are talking about the pending Twitter IPO. Why is that?

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Facebook Improves Rich Media
in the News Feed

Featured on Inside Facebook.

Facebook will announce on September 30th, 2013 that they are no longer supporting custom Adobe Flash experiences directly in the desktop news feed (but, for example, YouTube and Vimeo players will remain) and will focus on optimizing for mobile rich media. This is great news

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Social Commerce ROI

New Product Launch Campaigns: How Brands Drive Social ROI

There are many tried and true metrics and success frameworks for measuring the performance of a product over its lifecycle but that special moment of a new product launch has a unique set of techniques and criteria for success. A successful product launch is often defined by the intensity, quality and scale of interactions with or about the new product or brand.

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Have Product Reviews Peaked in Their Efficacy?

Reviews 1.0 are headed for the dead pool. In the past five years as ecommerce has grown, sites have seen good conversion rates based on reviews from users and previous purchasers. These reviews have played a huge role in conversions and studies have shown even negative reviews can help boost sales of a product. It’s been an assumed tactic by retailers to include reviews – and rightfully so.

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The Interest Graph is coming – but don’t forget the Social Graph!

The emerging Interest Graph is opening up some very exciting new targeting and segmentation opportunities – but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater… Matt Compton revisits his recent social purchases, and finds that his social graph held the most sway.

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earned media

Earned, Owned and Paid Media: The lines are blurring

The pros and cons of earned and paid media have been well documented. Savvy digital marketers are now thinking about how these two forms of media work in conjunction with owned media in a holistic media mix. Marketing resource and spend allocation also beginning to be evaluated across all three media types rather than strictly on traditional paid media.

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Commerce Influencers vs. Direct Spenders. Where are you applying your loyalty programs?

Brands and retailers traditionally prioritize customers who directly spend the most as their best customers and focus all of their marketing and advertising budgets and efforts on increasing loyalty and wallet share with those customers. Top spenders are important but by relying on this direct metric, companies may be ignoring their most important customers – their commerce influencers.

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ShopIgniter Social Commerce Software First to Measure Commerce Influence

In the age of the social Web, information from people we know is the single biggest driver of purchase decisions. As a result, commerce influence scoring is the most important metric for a brands and retailers as it combines social influence and revenue impact — both of which have never been measured together, ShopIgniter’s social commerce platform allows a brand or retailer to see commerce influence at the individual customer level and in relation to their specific business. For example, a high commerce influencer for Target might be a very different person than a high commerce influencer for Nike. Armed with detailed commerce influencer insight, ShopIgniter then makes this information actionable with integrated tools to create and manage product promotions and reward programs that reward and incentivize high commerce influence activity. Read our press release for more information.

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Analytics: The Missing Piece of the Social Commerce Puzzle

The ROI of social commerce just got a lot easier to track. We are very excited to announce a partnership today with industry leader Webtrends to provide leading social commerce analytics for all ShopIgniter customers. This will round out our social commerce platform with the industry’s first enterprise-grade social commerce analytics solution. This new functionality will enable retailers and brands to better quantify and understand the impact their customers’ social influence has on product consideration and sales.

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