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Kelly comes from a consumer marketing background and has worked promoting and selling products online for retail brands in categories ranging from consumer electronics to specialty foods. She's always on the look-out for innovative online marketing campaigns and is happy to tell you all about them in our blog. At ShopIgniter, she manages content marketing, search marketing, social media, website, and demand generation. She loves that ShopIgniter combines two of her favorite things - conversion optimization + social media and is excited to be in an exciting start-up environment.
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How Urban Outfitters Could Step Up Their (Already Well-Practiced) Game With Social Rich Media This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving behind us, the Holiday season is officially here. OFFICIALLY here! And, for those of you who celebrated early, I (and the folks at SNL) have a message: Thanksgiving Comes First. Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

Display Ads in Twitter Streams, Are You Ready?

In a blog last week, Twitter announced changes to the Twitter timeline aimed to make it more visual and engaging through a more prominent display of rich media tweets.

How to Optimize your Organization’s Social+Mobile Touch Points

Originally published in Thoroughly Modern Marketing  I once heard Lauren Freedman, owner of the eTail group say:

9 Helpful Tips for Twitter Marketing Success

Be Found  Twitter Lists Twitter Lists are a resource for both yourself and your potential followers. They provide a way to segment the handles you follow into groups, to then manage accordingly.

Keeping The Promise Of Digital Media

Originally published in Adotas The promise of digital media is the ability to reach the right people with the right content at the right time. Looking at the decline of print advertising as just one example, the days of “spray and pray” are in deep decline. As brands favor the ability to deeply target audiences more […]

4 Ways Facebook’s New Ad Formats Will Affect Marketers

Facebook recently announced changes to their ad formats, making many marketers happy. Ok, it made this marketer pretty darn happy.

Two key considerations for a successful social mobile strategy

Originally published in Mobile Marketer One-third of the time people spend on their mobile devices is within social media networks and over one-half of people accessing Facebook are on a mobile device–and these numbers continue to grow.  Ignoring social in mobile marketing outreach is not a successful strategy; in fact, social is among the best avenues to reach mobile audiences as search, banners, and even email […]

Success in the Mobile News Feed

We’ve had a lot of questions about the future of rich media in mobile. Rich media on mobile, powered by HTML 5 pages not Flash, are optimized for a take over experience within our native mobile apps. Here are some compelling results:

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How To Be More Successful With Facebook Graph Search

Originally published on TheMail Hashtags have long been used by social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram to categorize tweets and posts, helping them show up more easily in searches. With the introduction of hashtags to the Facebook network, marketers should be prepared to begin seeing hashtags in posts, and available in graph search.

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To Tweet or Post?

Our very own Marko Muellner, VP of Marketing here at ShopIgniter was asked by VOWS magazine to contribute to an article on how social media is impacting the wedding industry – particularly how retailers can use the best of social networks to achieve maximum effectiveness and accomplish real business goals.