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Alexis's love for social media, emerging technology and web 2.0 production spans several industries and many years. Her specialities include content management, community management and social media marketing.

What is Your Brand Doing to Act Like a Person?

The Millenial age bracket is a coveted demographic for marketers. And consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 tend to make decisions and purchase differently than any generation before them. A new study from MediaPost illustrates one of the major differentiations: Millenials tend to trust people in their network, not brands, when looking to […]

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A Busy Week at ShopIgniter

We ShopIgniters are constantly on the go but this week things really stepped up a notch! We launched a new website, set up shop at Social Commerce Strategies, and hosted a photoshoot for the Oregon Tech Awards.

We hope you’ll take a sec to click around the new site, as well as check out the […]

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Facebook’s Algorithm Can Cost Customers – But it Doesn’t Have To

We wrote recently about how important it is to get in front of your fans from the beginning. Moontoast cites that 70 percent of fans will post once to a brand page and never return and AllFacebook enumerates how posts are seen by fewer than ten percent of fans.

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Glamming it Up for Oregon Tech Awards

Because we know you love it when you get to see our execs doing fun – and funky – things. Here are a few shots from the Oregon Tech Awards photoshoot that took place at ShopIgniter this morning. Check out Matt striking a pose!


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Welcome to the New!

As you can see, has gotten a bit of a facelift! Considering all the work that our trusty website does for us, we thought it was high time to show it some love with an updated design, layout, and even better content. Plus we wanted to show off our snazzy new logo! We […]

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ShopIgniter Heads to SCS

We head to Las Vegas this week for Social Commerce Strategies (SCS) and we’re especially excited for this show! The pace of innovation within social commerce is very quick but because it’s such a young industry there aren’t yet many opportunities to get together with others specifically in the social commerce arena.

Keywords are Important on Facebook, Too

According to AllFacebook, social media is now also evolving into a search service. Instead of simply searching for a company by name within a social network, users can now also search for keywords or specific phrases. This provides another opportunity for exposure. It also means that companies need to start paying attention to the keywords associated […]

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Get in Front of Your Fans From the Beginning

Facebook’s algorithm for wall posts is somewhat self-reinforcing. When users comment on or “like” posts by friends and fan pages, these friends and pages are more likely to continue to show up in their wall feed. If a brand page drops off a user’s radar, it’s much more difficult to get back into the flow. […]

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Blake & Brady Make a Splash!

Blake & Brady, a clothing boutique and newest member of the ShopIgniter family, was so excited about the opening of their Facebook store that they made this great video. Like they say in the video, as much as they would love to stay open around the clock they have to get their beauty sleep sometime! Now, […]

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