In between appetizers, cocktails and football, I sat down with Matt to reflect on 2013 and look ahead to 2014. Here are the top insights he shared for this week’s The POV,

New Years Resolutions

Assume Mobile First

With more than 80% of US daily Facebook users on mobile, it’s imperative that marketers always consider a mobile campaign experience first. This encompasses everything from the post/ad to the post-click landing experience and on to the website if that is part of the user-flow. The entire customer journey should be walked through from the user’s perspective on tablet and smartphone, every time.

Embrace Paid Social Advertising

The idea of organic reach on Facebook is quickly dissipating. In the past, the accepted organic reach percentage was 16% but now, with Facebook’s recent algorithm tweak, organic reach can now be as low as 3%. To compensate for this and continue to reach social mobile audiences, you will need to think about social advertising (especially on mobile) first and community management second. This will change how you think about the social channel; the resources you allocate, the budget you invest, the people who manage the channel for you and even the technology you use. The shift toward a social performance marketing mindset will affect the business outcomes you’re able to drive from social.

Invest In The Mobile Feed

In 2014, you should shift dollars away from traditional display and to the mobile feed on Facebook and on Twitter. In the feed, you’ll have access to a better, more engaged audiences, vast targeting capabilities, more interesting ad formats and through this, better results.

Do Not Run Another Fan Acquisition Campaign

With Facebook’s algorithm tweak I mentioned earlier, it just doesn’t make sense to use your valuable budget on fan acquisition campaigns.  Instead, you should spend your social media budget on campaigns with real business objectives – just like any other smart marketing campaign.

Focus On Performance

Feed your social media budget and correlating content strategy and focus on higher value brand and business outcomes. Don’t strive for vague outcomes like buzz or likes, comments and shares. Instead look for real marketing performance such as video views, lead generation, product exploration and purchase intent.

Prioritize Content

Content is the fuel that drives social media marketing. A photo here and there are great, but in 2014, it’s time to get serious about your content strategy. Authenticity, value, humor, insight and surprise are key. Rich, visual content works best in social channels so resolve to prioritize videos, images, infographics and interactive tools over plain text.


2013 was an amazing year in social media, but 2014 is poised to be even more remarkable. As the platforms mature, mobile becomes the digital hub of our lives and innovation accelerates. It’s no longer reasonable to wait, watch and follow. Get in there and make a difference, it’s your time to shine. Happy New Year everyone!



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