As CMO of a social media marketing company, I field many questions from brand and retail marketers who are trying to make sense of the rapidly evolving social and mobile landscape. Some of their queries have to do with the ins and outs of various technologies, but most are related to the meaningful adoption of those technologies by consumers and competitors. In a nutshell: What’s hot vs. what’s real?

In this post I’ll tackle some of the most common questions I’m asked regarding Facebook, Pinterest, and mobile.

Q & A with ShopIgniter's Kevin Tate

Q: Facebook has made several changes lately, such as updating Offers, launching Facebook Gifts and testing Collections. What do these changes mean for marketers and how they approach social media marketing?

A: For social media marketers, Facebook remains the primary channel. While most are expanding their content and conversation strategies to include Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc., Facebook remains the only channel to really combine audience, advertising, and experiences at scale.

Facebook’s recent announcements are all aimed at helping marketers better activate and monetize their audiences. Historically, marketers have seen fairly low social-conversion rates from Facebook to their e-commerce sites, and these new vehicles are likely to improve them through a better combination of targeting, experience format, and conversion actions.

For marketers, this is a great opportunity to experiment with new social promotion opportunities while staying true to the voice and tone of their brands in Facebook. While the majority of Facebook users say they want exclusive offers and access to products from the brands they “Like,” those offers and products must be presented through a social product experience that doesn’t come off as too commercial.

I believe we’ll see a lot of innovation–and not just from Facebook–around social posts and landing pages that offer compelling social product experiences, which, in turn, will offer significantly higher social-conversion rates for brands that learn to use them well.


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