RareInk, an online retailer that specializes in commissioning and selling ‘Official Art of the NBA’ has upped the ante on their social media strategy. They have always been a fan driven company, encouraging fans to send ideas and share their thoughts on which art pieces should be created next but now with a cool new social product experience, they are using social to streamline their crowdsourcing process.

Let’s take a look at how they’re doing it.

Make It Easy

Creating an opportunity for passionate fans to be involved from conception makes them part of the development process and thereby more likely to purchase the end product. Sure, receiving emails and phone calls is one way to do this but it doesn’t scale nor does it pool from a large audience segment.

In October, RareInk launched a voting module on both their eCommerce website and the RareInk Facebook Fan page as a means to crowdsource new artwork ideas to add to the RareInk collection.

RareInk Facebook Experience

RareInk Facebook Voting












Every month fans can vote on which NBA artwork RareInk will create next. There are four different polls so fans have the opportunity to vote in multiple categories. It’s quick and easy to participate in the product development process by simply casting your vote.

Aside from the easy-to-use interface, one aspect of the experience that really resonates with me is the aesthetic. This is not one of those widget-y looking voting modules. Instead, it’s outfitted with rich imagery and accompanied with detailed information on each of the polling options.

The Right Products

We’ve found time and time again that exclusive, limited-edition products work best for social media product campaigns. These product types are more “social” – apt to elicit more attention from social customers so using them in your social product promotion strategies is a smart move. As a purveyor of limited edition pieces, RareInk’s entire product line falls into this category.

Coupling the right products with an engaging and innovative experience gets people’s attention – both in social and out. Take for example this roundtable discussion from Hardwood Paroxysm, where key influencers weigh in on RareInk and prompt their readers to visit the experience and participate.

Harnessing the Power of Social Sharing

RareInk isn’t just crowdsourcing their web visitors, they’re also tapping into their social community. By having the voting module live on both Facebook and their dot com, they are exposing a larger audience to their experience, increasing campaign impressions and opportunities for engagement.

Both experiences are outfitted with social sharing buttons, which encourage participants to spread the word and share the experience with their friends. Facebook shares get pushed to a fan’s Timeline, voting actions appear under a Fan’s recent activity and Tweets spread the message to Twitter.

RareInk Facebook Voting

RareInk Twitter Sharing










According to a recent Nielson study, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth and peer recommendations above all other advertising forms so creating opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions around your products is always a winning strategy.

So, check out the experience and see first hand how RareInk is using social media marketing to develop their product line, engage fans and expose new people to their brand and products.