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New Product Launch Campaigns: How Brands Drive Social ROI

There are many tried and true metrics and success frameworks for measuring the performance of a product over its lifecycle but that special moment of a new product launch has a unique set of techniques and criteria for success. A successful product launch is often defined by the intensity, quality and scale of interactions with […]

5 Stories You May Have Missed This Week

We comb the interwebs so you don’t have to! Here are this week’s top stories…

3 Tips for Mobile Commerce Campaigns

Social Customers = Mobile Customers Here at ShopIgniter, we manage a lot of social commerce campaigns… things like New Product Launches, Social Storefronts and Flash Sales.  And over the past year, we (and our clients) have evolved  in how we think about designing these promotions with the mobile customer in mind. Not surprising, as more […]

Social Retail Tips – A Blake & Brady Example

For today’s journey into social retail awesomeness, let’s look at Blake & Brady and see some of the tools and tactics they’ve used to create successful, social retail experiences for their fans.

ShopIgniter Joins the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program

We are very excited to announce today that ShopIgniter has been accepted into Facebook’s new Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program! Having been an original member of its predecessor (the Preferred Developer Consultant program) at my last company, I know just how important it is to be a part of this new program.

Social Users are not customers.

Almost all brands and retailers understand who their customers are based on years of data collection and analysis. From cardboard cut out personas in their lobbies and meeting rooms to sophisticated software that helps them guide product placement and advertising, these companies have refined their directions based on those customer insights and demographics. Enter the […]

Forrester Says Facebook Fans are Far More Valuable

Last week, in preparation for the upcoming Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum I was researching analysts and their latest reports to see who I’d like to meet. Gina Sverdlov was near the top of my list based on her background and past research. Coincidently, we’ve been working with Melissa Parrish, another analyst, on an upcoming webinar […]

Brands Doing Cool Things in Social – MIA Shoes

A few of my favorite things: science fiction, shoes, and innovative marketing. So today, I’m highlighting MIA Shoes because they have done a great job at marketing their products on the social web and because they have sweet shoes. Awesome.

Product Promotion & Purchase In The New Facebook Timeline

  Last week, in partnership with Worldwide Business Research, our own Alan Wizemann and Kevin Tate recorded a webinar titled,

Kevin Tate Has Joined the Ranks of ClickZ

We have some really exciting news to share, Kevin Tate, our esteemed and beloved CMO has been asked to write for ClickZ. He must now add “author” to his LinkedIn profile.