We have some really exciting news to share,

Kevin Tate, our esteemed and beloved CMO has been asked to write for ClickZ. He must now add “author” to his LinkedIn profile.

“I’m honored to be joining the ranks of ClickZ columnists writing about social commerce,” said Kevin Tate. “I’ll touch on topics ranging from social retailing to e-commerce experiences in social and mobile.”

His first article is live now and it’s entitled, “What’s Next in Social Retail: App-ify and Amplify”.

Kevin details the new social shopping experience and explains how “app-ification” and amplification play integral roles in it. He makes the case that app-ification has changed the way we opt-in to brand experiences and that frictionless amplification is facilitating new opportunities for product promotion and discovery.

The undeniable growth of social + mobile has created a customer that is connected at all times. I agree with Kevin that the new social retail opportunities are exciting for brands because they provide many ways to engage customers in new ways – apps, flash sales, loyalty programs, curated collections and more.

Do you have subjects that you would like to see Kevin discuss in more detail on ClickZ? Tweet @shopigniter and let me know, I’ll pass them along!