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Facebook Timeline for Brands – What This Means to Your Customers, Your Brand and Your Products

Today, Facebook announced the release of the new Timeline for brand pages. Although this announcement was well known in the social software circles – some were very surprised by it. Before you react one way or another, let me explain what this actually means for you – especially if you sell products.

Brands: Be Present Without Being Annoying

It’s a catch-22 for brands with a social media presence. A new study shows that consumers think companies should have Facebook pages in order to maintain a social presence – but they also don’t want those companies to “bug” them. Fifty eight percent of respondents said they felt brand’s social media was invasive.

Social Commerce experiences have to be compelling – just like real world retailing

Bloomberg’s premature (?) retrospective  on early attempts at F-Commerce is interesting in light of their upcoming IPO, but not largely relevant to the kinds of social commerce experiences we (and others) are building in Facebook today.

It does, however, highlight something key that many of us in the field have been counseling brands and retailers […]

Not Getting Enough Click-throughs on Facebook? Here’s Why.

Far too often, links aren’t optimized for Facebook. They’re not pulling in correct pictures, or perhaps they’re not pulling in pictures at all. They may not have the correct description, or the description may just be a string of keywords. All these things combine to make it less-than-tempting for users to click on the article […]

Consumers Spend 15 Percent of Their Online Time on Facebook

Nine out of ten US internet users visited a social network at least once last year, according to comScore. Of course it’s probably no surprise that Facebook pulled in the largest percentage of social networking time: “14.6 percent of all time spent online and roughly 16 percent of page views are on Facebook.” Given the […]

Relax … if you like Pinterest, don’t worry about the link changes!

Some of you might have read on several media outlets that Pinterest is changing links to eCommerce sites in order to self-inject affiliate link codes so they can generate revenue on those pins. The immediate reaction to this was “oh no! they are changing my links?! That’s wrong… isn’t it?”…

How many people have bought products on Facebook?

So, how many people have bought something on Facebook? It’s more than you might think… Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands of people at large scale fashion, retail and eCommerce events around the country. At the start of every presentation, I ask a few questions (mainly […]