It’s a catch-22 for brands with a social media presence. A new study shows that consumers think companies should have Facebook pages in order to maintain a social presence – but they also don’t want those companies to “bug” them. Fifty eight percent of respondents said they felt brand’s social media was invasive.

So this obviously puts businesses in a quandry. They must have a presence to compete in the space and even consumers admit that. But if companies misuse their accounts, all good will can be lost.

This is part of why we think building trust and relationships with your fans an consumers is a good place to start. Don’t use Facebook as a megaphone but rather use it to reward fans and add value to their social experience. Make sure your posts all resonate with your desired brand voice and fans will know what to expect from you.

The line between being personal and being intrusive can be a subjective one but when companies ate truly trying to benefit their users and fans, everyone wins. Fans will feel valued and rewarded with engaging posts and helpful content, which will provide a much better return to companies in the long run than over-sharing in an attempt to generate traffic or sales.

We have a few ideas how you can do those things well too! Check out our flash sale info graphic, and our post on how to cater to fans correctly.