The always-helpful Brian Solis recently wrote a post on ten social media tips you should implement in 2012. Before you get burnt out on the idea of year-end wrap-ups and new year’s lists, I just want to focus on one of his points: that you should understand a variety of social networks, and how they’re connecting to influencers.

The problem that often arises with social media is companies either are wary of opening the floodgates to include every social network ever, or they try to be “Jack of all trades” with their social efforts but end up master of none.

That’s what’s so great about Brian’s point. It’s important to understand these networks so you can now if they’re worth going after. Your customers might not be on Google+. But they might be. It’s important to figure out how these networks work for the people you’re trying to reach before you either dismiss them, or embrace them.