Monthly Archives: October 2011

Thanks to IDC for the 2011 Innovation Award

We are honored to be named the “2011 Innovative Company to Watch” by IDC Research in their Commerce 2.0 category, joining our friends at Jive Software (who won in 2009). As IDC defines their Commerce 2.0 category:

Forget the hype, let me tell you what F8 really means for social commerce

F8 this year was a very exciting conference and it was nice to see that both Facebook and ShopIgniter are in lock step when it comes to our mission to expand commerce throughout the social graph. Although this was not blatantly obvious within their latest release at F8, the tools Facebook now provides to developers will spark tremendous growth of commerce. Let me explain why:

Are brands meeting Facebook users expections?

Are enterprise brands doing their best to deliver on the expectations of consumers who “Like” them on Facebook? The Exact Target Report published by eMarketer reinforces the need for brands to offer something of value to the people who like them. What is valuable? Exclusive content and product, sales alerts, coupons. 58% of US Facebook users expect to gain access to exclusive content, events or sales after “liking” a company, while 58% also expect to receive discounts or promotions. Additionally 47% expect to see updates about the company, person or organization they “liked” in their newsfeed, which bodes well for brands as they work to have their content always show up for their followers.