Monthly Archives: October 2010

Search Network Optimization is the New SEO

In the past ten years there has been considerable focus on search engine optimization. In my last posted I joked that search engine optimization experts should watch out for their next career - search network optimization. Joking aside, this is where things are headed.

Has f-commerce arrived?

This is an interesting post on f-commerce from Christine Tran at the Altimeter Group, title, “Has f-commerce arrived?” Her first comment is that f-commerce leaves much to be desired. Between clunky experiences and questioning whether people want to shop for 20 minutes inside Facebook. (Side note...we like our full functioning ShopIgniter facebook stores)

Activating Your Network

I will be speaking at Altimeter’s Rise of Social Commerce event this week about the idea of activating your network. It was just earlier this year that companies began to enable the ability to conduct transactions within Facebook – and it makes sense as that is where consumers are heading on the Web. We realized […]