Four Steps to Achieve High-Value Social

Sustainably acquiring high-value customers from social marketing efforts for less cost than traditional channels is now not only possible, but a business requirement. While companies continue to spend on Facebook and other social networks, the chasm between simply dedicating resources to social advertising and true social marketing optimization provides just the space needed to truly [...]

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Tourney 2014

The POV: Who’ll Make Marketing Tech’s Big Dance?

In the spirit of good fun that the annual NCAA college tourney brings, I thought it would be fun to engage in some bracket-calling that’s a little closer to home.  So, I sat down with Matt Compton, marketing technology expert and ShopIgniter CEO, to get his thoughts on who’s leading at social media marketing, who might be the ultimate winner in the marketing cloud game, and what marketing spectators can learn from the constant up and down court action.

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Give Me Mobile-First or Give Me Death

Although it might seem obvious, as mobile ad spend continues to grow, marketers must quickly make the transition to mobile-first thinking, as it requires a new set of strategies and expertise.

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The POV: Why is innovation so important for startups?

Continuous innovation is essential for any startup but how do you balance innovation with customer demand? ShopIgniter CEO, Matt Compton, shares his thoughts.

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Deploying Docker with OpsWorks

Using Docker to run several self-contained web applications on a single server is ground-breaking; but how easy is it to deploy OpsWorks, or for that matter Chef? I hope to show just how easy it can be.

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3 Unexpected Reasons Your Customers Abandon Cart

Shopping cart abandonment — there’s nothing like those three dreaded words to set an ecommerce business on the defensive. Today’s social, multi-device consumers demand shopping experiences that are relevant and seamless, but most businesses fail to successfully deliver on these expectations.

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3 Ways Online Retailers Can Use Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences

We’ve all heard the old adage that it costs less money to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one and in this digital age, the saying is increasingly true.

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Facebook Brand Updates Take Another Hit, Can You Recover?

In an effort to serve the most interesting content to users, on January 21st of this year, Facebook made yet another change to its news feed algorithm.

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3 Facebook Tactics For Driving To In-Store Events

There are many helpful articles on the interwebs that provide ideas and tactics for using social to generate buzz and momentum for your offline events. These can be valuable resources but if you’re looking for tips that go beyond event promotion to actually increasing attendance then, read on.

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We’re All Mobile Marketers Now

Time spent on mobile, specifically on smartphones, will eclipse has eclipsed desktop/laptop use for people in the U.S. and parts of Europe. eMarketer is showing that ad spend is shifting as well and mobile will overcome desktop by 2017. They estimate that in 2014, desktop ad spend will grow .41 percent while mobile will grow 56 percent to about $15 billion.

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